Confessions of a Former Haunted House Actress

The true account of the time that I performed as Zombie Nurse Wearing a Bunny Mask in a Haunted House.


How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Whether you are someone who is currently in the most perfect, romantic relationship you could ever imagine, or you are someone who is currently wanting to passive aggressively egg the house of the person who is in the most perfect, romantic relationship you could ever imagine, Valentine’s Day is a great day for you.

The Time I Got Stuck in an Elevator for Four Hours

Our lives are filled with many ups and downs. And sometimes they are filled with neither. Because there is a power outage. And you are stuck in an unmoving elevator. Let’s start back at the beginning… When I was eleven years old, I joined my sister on the grand adventure of visiting her first potential college. As fate would have…

Five Ways to Instantly Feel Better About Life

Listen to 90s music. Remember the simple days of the 90s. The days when, if you wanted to order a pizza, you had to pick up an actual phone and call an actual human being who would then deliver your pizza. The days when you didn’t receive creepy automated messages like “Jimmy is now making your…

A day in the life of a middle schooler in the 2000s

Hey all you twenty-somethings out there, let’s travel back in time to the glory days of junior high. WUZZZZZUP. Welcome to the early 2000s. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. (Honestly it probably wasn’t the worst but you posted angsty away messages on AIM that made it seem like it was). Your world…

My New York Times

This summer, I decided to take the “apple a day” riddle quite literally and packed up my bags for the concrete jungle where dreams are made oh there’s nothing you can’t do, ya know. “A summer in New York!? Are you nervous?” they asked. “No, of course I’m not nervous! I’ve already been there so many times,” I said….